Driver Agreement

Drive with us LLC OWNER OPERATER Driver and Policy Agreement

1 understand that I am an Independent Contract Driver. This agreement shall remain in full force and effective for a 1year period beginning on the date first written above and continuing thereafter on a year to year basis. Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause.

2. I understand that additions or deletions can be made at any time to this contract policy agreement by Drive with us LLC, Inc. and I will be provided with a new copy to review and understand in a timely manner before signing to determine if I wish to continue with contract or decline.

3. I understand that I am responsible for filing my own taxes with the Internal Revenue Service and Resident State Revenue Department. Drive with us LLC. will provide me with a 1099 form.

4. I understand that my rate of pay will be based on a percent of the Net Load Pay, which is the Gross Load Pay, and or/plus Detention Pay, and or/plus Multiple Stops less Fuel Surcharge, when applicable, cash advances and or for applicable Fees for liabilities caused by my negligence.

5. I will not be compensated for deadhead miles between last trip destination and new trip origin.

6.I understand it is not the responsibility of Drive with us LLC, Inc. to reimburse me for personal expenses. I will not be compensated for personal expenses incurred during job hauls such as and not limited to: meals, cellular phone usage, motor vehicle violation tickets due to negligence plus those described but not limited to those detailed in term number 20 of this agreement, etc.

7.I understand that Drive with us does not guarantee, nor am I obligated to haul a specific amount of loads, or earn a specific amount of revenue, or work a specific amount of hours, or work specific days of the week. Any revenue I generate or pay I receive from Drive with us LLC. will be solely for individual job hauls I accept to complete and have completed

8. I understand that Drive with us LLC. does not guarantee a specific or average amount of revenue/pay. I retain full control and discretion on any rider pick ups I choose to accept, I retain full control and discretion on the amount of hours I choose to work, I retain full control and discretion on the hours and days I choose to work; thus I retain full discretion on the potential revenue I may or may not generate based on rider pick ups I accept or do not accept to complete for Drive with us LLC.

9. I understand that Drive with us LLC. does not guarantee a profit. I understand that I may even incur losses due to unforeseeable complications with pick up jobs or due to damages or penalties caused to the motor vehicle or to Drive with us LLC as a result of my negligence or failure to adhere to DOT/FMCSA regulatory requirements.

10. I understand that Drive with us LLC. has a zero tolerance policy and does not permit anything that is deemed contraband or illegal by the laws of the United States of America and accept full responsibility and penalties due to my own actions regarding this policy.